Sunday, February 20, 2011

Men's Seed Race 02/19/2011 - UPDATE 3

I nearly forgot our good friend "RPI". He's down to one scenario, thanks to Butler's win over UIC.

Green Bay beats Valpo, Valpo beats Loyola, CSU beats Milwaukee, Green Bay beats YSU, WSU beats Detroit, Valpo beats UIC,Green Bay beats CSU, Milwaukee beats YSU, and Loyola beats Butler. Valpo ties CSU at 13-5, Milwaukee ties Butler at 12-6. Valpo and CSU are both 2-2 against Milwaukee/Butler. They both swept 11-7 WSU. They both were 2-2 against Green Bay/Detroit (Valpo is 0-2 against Green Bay and 2-0 against Detroit; CSU is 1-1 against each of them). They both sweep 7-11 Loyola. They both go 4-0 against 2-16 UIC/YSU. No tiebreaker. Hence, "RPI" gets involved.

The last one, at least for the 1 seed.

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