Saturday, February 19, 2011

Men's Seed Race 02/19/2011 - UPDATE 1

I realize that I left out Butler in my analysis of who can get the #1 seed. An aggregious omission for sure. I'll rectify that tomorrow. Just wanted to update after today's league game. Though it was only Butler-UIC while the rest of the HL was off Bracket-Bustering, the result has a significant impact on the race.

Butler 79 UIC 52

Butler's defeat of UIC today was all the help Valpo needed to achieve the 1 seed. All they need to do now is win out and the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds will be at the ARC. Butler is now 12-5. In order for Milwaukee to finish 13-5, they have to beat CSU, which would leave Valpo as the only 14 win team.

Certainly, whatever chance Butler had for the #1 seed has not been reduced by any amount. At a bare minimum, they are one step closer to achieving it, taking care of business. They still need some help, of course.

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