Saturday, February 19, 2011

Men's Seed Race 02/19/2011 - UPDATE 2

CSU's fight for the #1 seed just got tougher, as seen. Valpo must lose at least once. If CSU loses one of their remaining 2 games, then they have to be all alone at 13-5 or they don't get the 1 seed. Losing both games won't get it done. Winning both won't get it done if Valpo also wins out.

There is no 11-7 Butler/WSU tie anymore, so Milwaukee's path to the #1 seed also got a little better. If they beat CSU and YSU and Valpo loses at least once, the #1 seed belongs to Milwaukee. Butler is the decisive tiebreaker for the Panthers. They can't be neutralized by WSU anymore.

If Milwaukee beats CSU and Green Bay beats CSU and Loyola beats Butler and Valpo loses 2 of 3, Milwaukee can also get the 1 seed with a 12-6 record.

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