Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Men's seed race 2/21/2008

Scores from 2/20/2008:

CSU 74 Milwaukee 64
Wright St. 59 Detroit 58
YSU 76 Green Bay 73
Butler 51 UIC 46
Loyola 68 Valpo 61

Seed Team Conf 1st-round match up
---- ---------- ---- ------------------
#1 Butler 14-2 Double-bye
#2 Wright St. 12-4 Double-bye
#3 CSU 11-6 Will host Detroit
#4 Milwaukee 8-7 Would host YSU
#5 UIC 8-8 Would host Loyola
#6 Green Bay 7-9 Would host Valpo
#7 Valparaiso 6-9
#8 Loyola 6-10
#9 YSU 5-12
#10 Detroit 3-13

Butler clinches #1 seed with 1 Wright St. loss or victories over UIC and Detroit. If Wright St. wins out and Butler loses to Detroit, Wright St. gets the #1 seed via tie-breaker (2-0 against Butler). Butler has clinched the double-bye.

Wright St. has clinched the #2 seed. Even if they end up tied with CSU, the two teams split, they will do at least as well as CSU against Butler, but WSU has swept UIC while CSU split with UIC.

CSU has clinched the #3 seed because even if they end up tied with Milwaukee, they split with each other but CSU split with Butler while Milwaukee was swept by Butler.

If WSU, CSU, and Milwaukee all end up tied, they are each 2-2 in the round-robin head to head, but Milwaukee drops out by virtue of being swept by Butler, leaving WSU and CSU in the tie already broken above.

YSU can climb as high as 7, but no higher, so they will begin the tourney on the road.

Detroit has clinched the 10 seed, since they were swept by YSU.

Thanks to WAJC69 from the Butler board for providing the Official Tie Breaker Rules

Thanks to uwmfansince1997 from the Milwaukee board for providing a link to the Horizon League's official "Track the Bracket" page.

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