Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Men's seed race 2/17/2008 -- Update 2/20/2008

Scores from 2/16/2008:

Butler 51 CSU 46
Detroit 56 Loyola 53
Wright St. 52 UIC 51
Milwaukee 66 Green Bay 56
Valpo 77 YSU 58

Seed Team Conf 1st-round match up
---- ---------- ---- ------------------
#1 Butler 13-2 Double-bye
#2 Wright St. 11-4 Double-bye
#3 CSU 10-6 Would host Detroit
#4 Milwaukee 8-6 Would host YSU
#5 UIC 8-7 Would host Loyola
#6 Green Bay 7-8 Would host Valpo
#7 Valparaiso 6-8
#8 Loyola 5-10
#9 YSU 4-12
#10 Detroit 3-12

Butler clinches #1 seed with 1 Wright St. loss or victories over UIC and Detroit. If Wright St. wins out and Butler loses to either UIC or Detroit, Wright St. gets the #1 seed via tie-breaker (2-0 against Butler).

Wright St. clinches #2 seed with 2 more wins.

CSU can achieve the #2 seed by winning out while Wright St. loses out. Even if Milwaukee also wins out, they would be first to drop out of the 3-way tie because they are the only team of the 3 that hasn't beaten Butler.

Milwaukee can achieve the #2 seed by winning out while Wright St. loses out and CSU loses at least one.

Also, CSU clinches at least the #3 seed by beating Milwaukee tonight, since they will have split and CSU is 1-1 against Butler while Milwaukee is 0-2.

Thanks to WAJC69 from the Butler board for providing the Official Tie Breaker Rules

Thanks to uwmfansince1997 from the Milwaukee board for providing a link to the Horizon League's official "Track the Bracket" page.

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