Monday, February 25, 2013

Tuesday's seeding implications

Tomorrow, 4 games take place in the Horizon League:
1. Loyola at UDM
2. WSU at UIC
3. UWM at GB
4. YSU at Valpo
The only direct implication of the Loyola-UDM game is that if Loyola wins, the infamous RPI scenario is eliminated.

A win by UIC over WSU guarantees at least a single bye for UDM. A win by WSU eliminates the infamous RPI scenario.

A loss to UWM eliminates GB's chances for the double-bye. A win by GB eliminates the infamous RPI scenario.

A win by Valpo locks up the 1 seed for Valpo, eliminates the RPI scenario, and pushes YSU down to no better than the 5 seed.

There are other implications, but these seem to me to be the most obvious and the most blatant.

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