Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Almost Crystal Clear -- all the seeds

What a difference 4 games make. Not only are we down from 256 scenarios to 16, but the top 2 seeds and the 9 seed have been fully determined, 2 teams are left to fight for the 3 and 4 seeds, 2 teams are left to fight for the 5 and 6 seeds, and 2 teams are left to fight for the 7 and 8 seeds. Couldn't hardly be simpler.
        W       L
Valpo   12      3  at GB
UDM     11      4  at UIC
UWGB    10      5  vs Valpo
WSU     9       6  vs YSU
UIC     7       8  vs UDM
YSU     7       8  at WSU
CSU     5       10 vs Loyola
Loyola  4       11 at CSU
UWM     3       13 (done)
Valpo has clinched the 1 seed because WSU will at worst finish all alone in 4th, and Valpo is the only team to sweep the Raiders. Valpo, Detroit, and Green Bay have each split with each other, so the tiebreaker would fall to WSU if Valpo loses to Green Bay and Detroit beats UIC.

Detroit has clinched the 2 seed because they split with WSU while Green Bay was swept by them.

Green Bay has the inside track for the 3 seed. The only way WSU can get the 3 seed is if Valpo beats Green Bay and WSU beats YSU to tie them at 10-6. If that happens, Green Bay falls to 4th. Otherwise WSU ends up with the 4 seed.

UIC and YSU are tied for 5th and 6th, and the separation is such that they are on their own little island. UIC swept YSU, so the only way YSU can get the 5 seed is by beating WSU and UIC losing to Detroit. In that case UIC would fall to 6th. Otherwise, UIC is the 5 seed and YSU is the 6 seed. In either case, both teams will host a first round game.

If CSU beats Loyola, they get the 7 seed. If Loyola beats CSU, they will sweep CSU and win the tiebreaker.

UWM is the 9 seed because even though they split with Loyola, they were swept by Valpo while Loyola split with Valpo.

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