Friday, March 5, 2010

Women's Seed race 3/5/2010

Scores from 3/4/2010:

Green Bay 84 Youngstown State 45
Butler 64 UIC 59
Cleveland State 74 Milwaukee 58
Loyola 62 Valparaiso 61

Seed Team Conf 1st round matchup
---- ---------- ---- -----------------
#1 Green Bay 14-3 Hosts #8-#9 winner
#2 Butler 13-4
#3 Detroit 13-4
#4 Cleveland State 11-6 Hosts #5
#5 UIC 9-8
#6 Loyola 9-8
#7 Wright State 6-11 Hosts #10 YSU
#8 Milwaukee 5-11
#9 Valparaiso 5-11
#10 Youngstown State 0-16

With their win over YSU, Green Bay clinched the 1 seed, because they win all tiebreakers with Detroit, Butler, or both. Green Bay's record against Detroit is 1-1. Their record against Butler is 2-0. Butler's record against Detroit is 2-0. If they tie only with Butler, they win the head-to-head tiebreaker. If they tie with both Butler and Detroit, their head-to-head record is 3-1, Butler's is 2-2, and Detroit's is 1-3. If Green Bay ties only with Detroit, then we move to common opponents. The first one is Butler. Green Bay is 2-0 while Detroit is 0-2, so Green Bay wins the tiebreaker.

CSU has clinched the 4 seed because they are 2 games behind Detroit and Butler and 2 games ahead of Loyola and UIC with only 1 game left.

Butler can clinch the 2 seed by beating Loyola on Saturday. If they lose, they still get the 2 seed of Detroit also loses to WSU. In the meantime, Butler's game against Loyola will also settle the battle between Loyola and UIC for the 5 and 6 seeds:

1. Butler beats Loyola

Butler 2, Detroit 3, UIC 5, Loyola 6 because
even if UIC also loses, UIC wins the
tiebreaker: UIC split with Loyola, they both
split with #1 Green Bay, UIC split with
Butler while Loyola will have been swept by

2. Butler loses to Loyola

Loyola 5, UIC 6 because both will have split
with Butler, but Loyola swept #4 CSU while UIC
was swept by them.

If Detroit wins, they get the 2 seed. If they
lose they get the 3 seed and Butler gets the 2

Wright State has clinched the 7 seed because both Valpo and Milwaukee lost. They can at best tie WSU at 6-12.

1. If they tie with Milwaukee at 6-12, they win
the tiebreaker because they swept Milwaukee

2. If they tie with Valpo at 6-12, they win the
tiebreaker because they split with CSU and
Valpo was swept by CSU (both will have been
swept by Green Bay, Detroit, and Butler).

3. If they tie with both at 6-12, head-to-head
records are: WSU 3-1 (2-0 vs. UWM, 1-1 vs.
Valpo), Valpo 2-2 (1-1 vs. UWM), Milwaukee 1-3,
so WSU gets the 7 seed, Valpo the 8 seed,
Milwaukee the 9 seed.

Milwaukee clinches the 8 seed by beating YSU on Saturday. If they lose they still get the 8 seed if Valpo also loses to UIC. In both cases they win the tiebreaker: they split with each other, both were swept by Green Bay, Butler, Detroit, and CSU, and even if Valpo beats UIC, that would simply mean that Loyola breaks the tie in Milwaukee's favor instead of UIC (Milwaukee swept Loyola while Valpo split with them). Valpo owns the Wright State tiebreaker, but it never gets that far.

Losing all tiebreakers, Valpo gets the 9 seed unless they beat UIC and Milwaukee loses to YSU, in which case they would get the 8 seed.

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