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News On The Horizon 3/21/2010

Boom Goes The Dynamite: Second Round 03.20.10 Edition--Rush The Court

3:32: So which is it? Has the Big East been overrated all year, or is their poor tournament performance (4-5 playing nobody better than an 8-seed) due to the long, hard Big East schedule and the cannibalistic post-season conference tournament?

3:33: Murray State is going to have to get over the nerves, here. Butler is totally capable of jumping out to a big lead and then turning to stone on them.

3:38: Refs are certainly letting them play! Lots of contact inside, no calls. That’s OK, as long as it’s consistent. After a 7-0 Racers run, it looks like the nerves are gone. 12-10 Bulldogs. Man, the Twitt-o-spehere is still buzzing with that SMC win. It IS a #2 seed going down…

3:48: Butler’s Shelvin Mack is a Kentucky kid playing against Murray State. And he’s playing well. We’ve got some creative kids in this game, like Mack, and definitely Murray’s Isaiah Canaan and B.J. Jenkins.
4:33: About two minutes played in the second half over at Butler/Murray State, and Matt Howard has his third foul. And now his fourth. Seriously, he picked up his fourth in the short time that it took my to write that sentence, and I started it when he picked up his third. That kid is a fouling machine. Murray State just drilled a trey to go up seven, and if it gets bigger Brad Stevens may have to put them back in after just a short rest.

4:41: Ohio/Tennessee go to the half at 38-27 Vols. Butler/Murray St. is definitely the better game. But now we have the dreaded double-commercial.

4:45: Our man at the San Jose pod just posted his diary from the first half of today. Great stuff.

4:47: Look at this! Butler is forced to go small because of Howard’s four fouls, and what happens? The small lineup is a quick one, which can keep up wit Murray State better, and they’ve come back to tie this thing at 33. Ronald Nored has 12 points on 5-7 shooting, not to mention 5 assists. GREAT game for this unlikely source of production.

4:57: Butler is now WINNING this game because of the play of Shelvin Mack. That kid’s been everywhere but most importantly has turned up his defensive intensity. In fact, Butler’s done so as a team in the last five minutes, but most notably Mack. They’re now up by SIX. Murray looks shaken.
5:08: Back at Murray State/Butler…I think it’s clever that this arena is called HP Pavilion, and one of Hewlett Packard’s desktop computers is called the HP Pavilion. And there are the words denoting the name of the arena in the right end zone that say, “HP Pavilion.” Somebody thought that through.

5:11: That was a GREAT call by the baseline ref to call the charge but still allow the basket. That’s exactly the way it should have been. Murray’s gone on a little run and have TAKEN THE LEAD with that three by Canaan!

5:15: And now we’ve got a game in the other one! Tommy Freeman has just gone nuts for and and-one and a three to reel off six straight and bring his team to within five with 12:30 left!

5:21: NOT a good shot by Murray State there. You don’t need a three. At the other end, Ronald Nored drives to the hoop and gets an and-one to make it a six-point turnaround and give Butler a three-point lead. GREAT game. You know Murray State’s going to be looking for a trey at the other end. B.J. Jenkins, Isacc Miles, or Canaan should take it…

5:26: Could you have positioned that trap better, if you’re Murray State? These are Howard’s first FTs of the day, right?

5:27: I think if Howard hits this second one, you have to let Canaan (4-4 from three) just dribble down and take it like he did a couple of minutes ago.

5:29: Oh, my. Canaan had it and tried to give it up, and threw it right into Gordon Hayward’s hand. Knocked it into the backcourt, time runs out, game over. You would have liked to have seen Murray State get a shot off, at least. Butler goes to the Sweets.

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