Saturday, March 8, 2008

Women's Final seeding

Scores from 3/8/2008

Butler 66 Valpo 58
Green Bay 71 Detroit 51
CSU 75 Loyola 62
Milwaukee 67 Wright St. 54
YSU 71 UIC 62

Seed Team Conf 1st round matchup
---- ---------- ---- -----------------
#1 Green Bay 17-1 Will host winner of 8/9 game
#2 Wright St. 11-7 Will host winner of 7/10 game
#3 Milwaukee 11-7 Will host Valparaiso
#4 CSU 10-8 Will host Butler
#5 Butler 10-8
#6 Valparaiso 9-9
#7 YSU 8-10 Will host Detroit in play-in game
#8 UIC 6-12 Will host Loyola in play-in game
#9 Loyola (IL) 5-13
#10 Detroit 3-15

Detroit now has the 10 seed.

Valpo lost and CSU won, so Valpo clinched the 6 seed.

Milwaukee split with Wright State. They both were swept by #1 Green Bay. Dropping down to 4th place, which is CSU/Butler in a tie, Wright State is 3-1, Milwaukee 2-2 against Butler/CSU, so Wright State gets the 2 seed, Milwaukee the 3 seed.

CSU gets the 4 seed because they split with Wright State while Butler was swept by them. Butler gets the 5 seed, Valpo the 6 seed.


Adam said...

Did you catch the NWI Times letter to the editor about Urule?

It was mentioned in a comment on one of their articles. didn't seem to turn it up, but their own search eventually did.
VU men's hoops player showed sportsmanship

I don't remember for sure which game it was, though I do remember Todd Ickow commenting on the collision. Maybe it was the last game in the regular season?

Jim Squire said...

Thanks for the link, Adam. No, I don't normally check the Letter to the Editor pages for articles!

It was indeed the Wright State game, and he was, I recall, still ready at the table to sign autographs with the rest of the team, too!