Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News On the Horizon 3/25/2009

Epilogue, The Fifth: Who Cares Least--The Mid-Majority

But I'll need some help with this. For the first time in site history, there will be a third Conchord, a third member of our Royal We, the Nate Silver to my Sean Quinn and RonDavis to my Batgirl. His name is Damon Lewis, he's very passionate about mid-major basketball, and you will grow to like him very much if you don't already. He's a big hitter with the Horizon League Network and someone who will be learning a lot of new territory. I trust you will be as patient with him as you were with me in 2004, back when I was branching out from the CAA and Big West.

One thing I know you will find refreshing is his innate and natural wide-eyed Midwestern-ness, which stands in stark contrast to my crusty-punk East Coast cynicism (the result of having all the Minnesota Nice beaten and mugged out of me). Damon also uses blue cussy-words less than I do, which I understand irks certain folks.

Starting in November, Damon will take over the daily posts, the MMBOW and G!O!T!N! selections, all the tempo-free stat stuff and the State ratings. Analysis is an important part of this, but I'll be happy to hand that pass that part of the site into capable hands. He's also got some ideas of his own, which will be certified fresh. This move will free me up to write about the road, which I'm sure makes a lot of the old fans from the 100 Games Project days very happy indeed, the ones who always tell me there aren't nearly enough travelogues.

ATB: NCAA First Weekend Thoughts--Rush The Court

Second-Half rally comes up short, as Butler falls to Marquette in WNIT--Dawgnet News

CSU Men's Basketball: Team gathers to reflect on the season and resume work for the future--Cleveland Plain Dealer

Kansas has Aldrich, but MSU gets nod--The Detroit News

Women's Basketball Honored at Annual

Men's basketball: UWGB coach Tod Kowalczyk on his 2008-09 players--Green Bay Press Gazette
UWGB men's basketball notebook: Curtain will return, except vs. UW--Green Bay Press Gazette
Men's basketball: Returning guards lift Phoenix's hopes for 2009-10--Green Bay Press Gazette
UWGB's Evans invited to dunk contest--Green Bay Press Gazette
Evans Selected to Participate in Dunk Contest at NCAA Final

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