Monday, April 11, 2011

News On The Horizon 4/11/2011

For Butler, It Was Not One Shining Moment…But Ten--Midwest Sports Fans
2011 Mock Draft--Draft Express
Utah Jazz game day--Deseret News
Utah Jazz: Big Al Jefferson says he can learn from the young guy Derrick Favors--Deseret News

Favors hasn't started hanging out with his fellow rookies, Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans, around town or on the road. (For instance, he did not check out the Alamo with Hayward and Evans in San Antonio on Saturday.) But he does spend extra time shooting with them at practices, and his on-court chemistry with Hayward has given many in Utah hope for a bright future.

Butler's reputation impresses potential

NCAA: Trickle-down economics--UWM Post

Mutka: More Butlers, fewer scandals--The Post-Tribune

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