Sunday, April 10, 2011

News On The Horizon 4/10/2011

Jazz become the team that nobody knows--Deseret News

Whether this matters to Jazz fans is debatable. They certainly know Jeremy Evans and Gordon Hayward. But outside the Intermountain area, Jazz players draw a blank. Even coach Ty Corbin is just a nice guy with a great selection of neckties.

Monson: Jazz can lean on Lombardi’s wisdom--Salt Lake Tribune

Then there’s Gordon Hayward. Veteran teammates have laid it on a little thick lately, going on and on about the rookie, saying he has no idea how good he can be, noting his intelligence, his court awareness, his overall game and even his defense.

After the Jazz’s recent win against the Lakers, in which Hayward scored 10 fourth-quarter points, no less than Kobe Bryant praised Hayward, saying: “He’s going to have a very bright future in this league.”

If Kobe believes that, Hayward and the Jazz should, too.

He’s particularly effective when he’s aggressive at the offensive end — and when Corbin utilizes him from the outside in, allowing him to take advantage of his versatility. Like Favors, Hayward should have been logging more than a mere 16 minutes a game.

Never, ever count out Butler--Victory Firelight

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