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News On The Horizon 11/17/2010

Previewing the College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon--Ballin' is a Habit

5. 8:00 pm: Butler at Louisville: Butler gets their first real test of the season as the head to Louisville to christen the brand new KFC Yum! Center. I find it very difficult to believe that the Bulldogs will be nearly as good as they were last season. I love Shelvin Mack and Ronald Nored, but without a future pro like Hayward, I think Butler simply regresses to "very good mid-major" as opposed to "national power." Having said that, if Howard can play big inside, the Bulldogs are more than capable of knocking off a Cardinals team that is depleted due to ineligible freshmen and injuries.

BIAH Prediction: Butler 59, Louisville 50
8. 7:00 pm: Detroit at Syracuse: If there is going to be an upset of a major conference team by a mid-major, this looks like the most likely candidate. Detroit has some buzz during the offseason. They returned much of a roster -- including Eli Holman, who went for 15 points and 13 boards against New Mexico in the opener -- that went 9-9 in the Horizon last season and added one of the best point guards in the country in Ray McCallum, Jr. (Sr. is the head coach). Syracuse is talented, but they have not looked great in their two wins this season. They've struggled from the perimeter, Fab Melo has looked raw inside, and Kris Joseph hasn't exactly turned into the star everyone expected him to be. So do I think the Orange will get upset?

BIAH Prediction: Syracuse 84, Detroit 61

2010 College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon Live-Blog--Ballin' is a Habit

[Comment From @HLNAdam@HLNAdam: ]
UIC and Cleveland State both on Valpo @ Kansas on ESPN3! BASKETBALL!!!!11!
Monday November 15, 2010 8:16 @HLNAdam

Ballin' is a Habit:
Kennesaw State has opened up a 20 point lead on Georgia Tech. 20!!!
Monday November 15, 2010 8:18 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
Entertaining start out in Lawrence. Thomas Robinson wins the fight for a loose ball, finds Tyrell Reed 40 feet from the rim, and Reed hits Marcus Morris on an alley-oop. 14-9 Kansas over Valpo.
Monday November 15, 2010 8:21 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
Whoa, MArio Little with a HUGE block on a Valpo dunk attempt. After a layin from Releford at the other end, Kansas is up 19-11 all of a sudden.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Georgia is still up 22-8, but Detroit has taken the lead on Syracuse, 17-15.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 7:29 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
Boeheim had a quote the other day, calling Syracuse the most overrated team he has ever had. I think they are trying to prove him riight.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Syracuse has really looked terrible offensively. They are now down 26-21, and Ray McCallum is doing work.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Syracuse looks like they will wake up in the second half again. Took the lead right out of the break

Ballin' is a Habit:
Is that a foul on Matt Howard already?
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:13 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
Louisville's fired up. 8-0 start for the Cardinals.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:15 Ballin' is a Habit

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Rakeem Buckles came out with sandals similar to what Omar Samhan played in. adidas makes some ugly-ass shoes.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:15 raphiellej

Ballin' is a Habit:
Matt Howard is looking pretty jacked.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Hahaha Matt Howard just picked up his second foul.

[Comment From RhettRhett: ]
matt howard is over
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:19 Rhett

Ballin' is a Habit:
Cuse has opened their lead to 40-32 over Detroit. Really putting it on Detroit in the second half.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Butler is being seriously outclassed right now. Louisville up 26-15
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:48 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
Howard just came back into the game. I give him 45 seconds before he picks up his third.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Butler is struggling. Mack has 14, the rest of the team has 4 points on 1-15 shooting.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:57 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
And VCU is now up 20.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 8:57 Ballin' is a Habit

Ballin' is a Habit:
And Howard just picked up his third foul!!

Ballin' is a Habit:
The wheel are coming off for Butler. They are down 37-21 with two minutes left. Mack is the only player that can score. Howard has fouls.

Ballin' is a Habit:
Louisville is up 41-23 at the half against Butler. Who thought that was happening?

Ballin' is a Habit:
Butler just looks terrible. This is not a top 20 team in the country.
Tuesday November 16, 2010 9:31 Ballin' is a Habit

[Comment From raphiellejraphiellej: ]
Nope. Not at all.

And here we go: 24 things to keep in mind during the ESPN 24-hour marathon--College Hoops Journal

13. Butler’s the better group, but Louisville will have a lot of excitement and energy ready to burst out of the KFC Yum! Center (yes, we’re still all laughing at this) when the ball’s tipped tomorrow at 8 p.m. This one’s at the top of my list.
18. If you can, please hop on to and scope Detroit vs. Syracuse tomorrow night at 7:30. I’m anxious to see Titans frosh Ray McCallum, Jr. play against Fab Melo and Dion Waiters.

College Basketball Tip-Off Marathon Viewer's Guide/Liveblog Part II: The Night Shift--Blogging the Bracket
The BIG EAST Recap: 'Detroit, You Almost Made Us Proud' Edition--The Nova Blog

Stardate 09-20101116: Sunrise--The Mid-Majority

Game! Of! The! Night!

Butler at Louisville
KFC Yum! Center - Louisville, KY
8:00 EST

It's back for another season, and the rules are the same: it can't be the game we're at, and the G!O!T!N! invisible camera crew gets paid up front, in candy cigarettes. In our inaugural Season 7 edition, they're headed to the new arena in Louisville, which replaced an arena I truly loved, Freedom Hall. So we're already off to a bad start, and we haven't even addressed the arena name yet.

So the national runner-ups travel south for the RLU attempt, and do so without Gordon Hayward. Get ready for a lot of discussion about the effect of this absence, but also recall that this is the same media who spent more time covering the opposing coach's sex life than contemplating the Butler Effect. Consider the source. Mr. Hayward was picked before he was ripe enough (he's, umm, struggling up there in the NBA), but he's gettin' paid and will get in a year's worth of salary before The Lockout, so he's rich ("G-Time," indeed) and brilliant.

The rest of the Bulldogs seem to be okay. The guard axis of Mack-Nored-Vanzant is great. The team turned in a solid performance in Saturday's glorified exhibition-slash-banner raising, and the best part of that was how good Andrew Smith looked. He was the 6-11 unsung hero of the Kansas State Elite Eight game, and will be a key cog this year. It's unfair to predict another run to the title game -- the late rounds can get pretty random, you know -- but wouldn't that be something if this turns out to be a far superior Butler team? Munge that, future historians.

Ball Reversal: 24 Hours of Hoops Marathon--Rush The Court

Butler at Louisville (8 PM ET)

How Butler wins: Limit turnovers and keep the game in the halfcourt. Rick Pitino is no dummy. He knows his team isn’t a vintage Louisville unit, a far cry from the team he coached to a #1 seed just two seasons ago. Pitino realizes his group will have to out-work and out-execute their opposition, especially against an opponent like Butler that sports equal, if not superior, overall talent. Expect Pitino’s patented full-court pressure to be unleashed in even more aggressive fashion than previous campaigns. While one may view Butler as an ultra-intelligent team, they ranked 90th in the country in turnover percentage in 2009-10. That’s a solid number, sure, but not overly spectacular. Still, the Bulldogs have a better overall team and should win this game unless they allow Louisville to make this a full-court, running game with tons of extra possessions. Keep the game in the halfcourt and the Bulldogs will escape with a Big East scalp.

How Louisville wins: Win the battle on the offensive boards. The Cardinals lost their top three scorers, their top recruit was deemed academically ineligible and their top transfer did not receive an immediate eligibility waiver, so the Cardinals enter 2010-11 with tempered expectations. One area, though, where they do return enough bodies to make an impact is on the glass. Louisville ranked a stellar 15th in the country in offensive rebounding percentage a season ago, grabbing a staggering 39% of available misses. A good chunk of that rebounding talent is back, too, including athletic 6’9 junior Terrence Jennings, 6’8 junior Jared Swopshire, 6’8 sophomore Rakeem Buckles and incoming freshman center Gorgui Dieng. Where Butler excels last season was preventing their opponent from garnering second chance opportunities, ranking an equally stellar 18th in the nation. Still, the Bulldogs did lose top-flight defensive rebounder Gordon Hayward and fellow frontcourt mate Matt Howard can be prone to foul difficulties against the type of athletic big men that Louisville trots out. If the Cardinals can give their guards second chances and ride the energy of opening their new arena, an upset may be in order.

Set Your Tivo: 11.16.10--Rush The Court

#12 Butler @ Louisville – 8pm on ESPN (****)

Louisville opens the new KFC Yum! Center against the national runner ups who lost Gordon Hayward but are still loaded with talent. Butler returns core players Shelvin Mack, Ronald Nored and Matt Howard to go along with possible breakout player Andrew Smith. Smith saw some meaningful minutes towards the end of last season and coach Brad Stevens hopes he’ll take the next step and become a big time player in the Bulldog rotation. It would be foolish to ever count a Rick Pitino team out but if there ever was a year where Louisville is not going to be as good as usual, this is it. Pitino must get somebody to step up and be the go-to guy on this team because all he has right now is a bunch of role players. The backcourt has the potential to improve behind Peyton Siva and Preston Knowles but the frontcourt is left incredibly weak after the departure of Samardo Samuels. The key for Louisville to win this game is to get the fired up crowd behind them through steals and turnovers converted into quick points. Pitino says he’s been practicing with a 24-second shot clock in order to get his team accustomed to playing at a very fast pace. They’ll run and press all night hoping to create havoc. For Butler to win, controlling the pace and limiting turnovers is vital. The Bulldog defense is good enough where Louisville won’t score that many points in the half court. If Louisville gets out in transition they’ll score more points and make it much more difficult for Butler to set up on offense against the press. Butler has more experience and talent and should do enough to control the pace. Keeping Matt Howard out of foul trouble will also be important to Butler but their main focus has to be imposing their style of play on the game and keeping it in the 50’s or 60’s. If they do that, they’ll win the game.

Boom Goes The Dynamite: ESPN’s 24 Hours Of Hoops Marathon 2010--Rush The Court

7:04 AM — Let’s put the issue to rest. I know what they’re getting at, and this is the fourth time we’ve seen this particular halftime show, but there is no “next Butler.” There may be another mid-major team that gets to the final this year, or some year coming soon. But not only did Butler get to the championship game, they did it in a year in which the Final Four was in their home city. Of the cities that frequently host Final Fours — the next four are Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Arlington — what mid-major school in those cities has even a remote chance of getting to the Tournament, let alone the Final Four? If it happens in a city other than Indianapolis, it’ll be bigger than what Butler did. But the only program that can repeat what Butler did is Butler. The Final Four is back in Indianapolis in 2015.
8:13 PM — ESPN cut away from the OSU-UF game to show the end of the women’s game. Now they’re back at Louisville vs Butler. I haven’t even bothered switching to Duke vs Miami (OH) because it hasn’t been competitive since the tip. And even though this is not the kind of talk I should be engaging in after being awake for about 28 straight hours, but…I got credentialed for a couple of Louisville games last year (they won them both). Two things I took away: 1) Rick Pitino has the voice box of a viking; you can hear him all over the (former) arena no matter the crowd noise, and 2) the, um, Louisville dance team? Impressive. Like, Sullinger-esque impressive. I’m taking a couple of engagement rings the next time I go there.

8:23 PM — This looks to be a much better-groomed Matt Howard. Good call, man. Shelvin Mack is playing about 70 miles from his hometown in Lexington, so he’s got extra motivation tonight. Looks confident early, like a guy who has absoluetly no qualms running a team that was two shoelaces from a national championship last season, and relishes the chance.

8:29 PM — And BRAD STEVENS gets rung up! The first technical foul of this brand new arena goes to…Brad Stevens? I like this intensity from the Butler coach, though.

8:34 PM — Yep, definitely starting to feel it now. I’m seeing things running across my floor that aren’t really there.

9:03 PM — JEEEEEZ…no, I haven’t passed out. The internet connectivity went out here for about 25 minutes. That has happened twice in the last two years: tonight, and during last year’s marathon. That can’t be a coincidence. But what’s happened in that time is that Louisville has pretty much put together the perfect half, for them. They outscrapped the Bulldogs in the first half and definitely got physical with them. This has frustrated Butler who has no rhythm on offense. Shelvin Mack has 17/6 but he’s the only offensive threat for BU right now. Matt Howard has three fouls (two of them questionable) which is nothing new for him. Most glaring column: Louisville has 11 assists. Butler has but two.

9:20 PM — That cut by Peyton Siva resulted in a bucket and it looked more like Butler basketball than Butler has.

9:23 PM — THEN Siva takes it to the hole after Howard only hits one of two FTs, and Siva hit his head HARD on the floor. I’m surprised he got up from that but glad he did. You could hear the ‘knock’ of the back of his head hitting the floor on the replay.

9:29 PM — This is nothing like the Butler team we saw last year. I’m not sure how fair that is, but you expected more of a contest despite the loss of Gordon Hayward. This Butler team is flummoxed.

9:35 PM — The ACC may be in for one of those years where the top is pretty darn good but the middle and the lower reaches of the conference are down. Wake Forest just got beat by VCU. By 21. Georgia Tech last night, now Wake tonight. And by “the top” of the ACC, I mean…Duke.

9:42 PM — Stevens has gone to the end of the bench. Alex Anglin is a walk-on and Stevens has him in, down 21. Anglin got tripped cutting across the lane and nothing was called. Did nobody see that?

9:47 PM — Matt Howard gets his first bucket after almost 29 minutes of basketball. Maybe even more glaring than that is that he only has two rebounds.

9:52 PM — That looked like a cramp in Mack’s left quad. Being taken to the locker room — IV fluids?

9:56 PM — Hold on a second. There have been 19 fouls in this half…and none of them have been called on Matt Howard?

9:58 PM — That last drive into the lane and dish to Howard has been there a lot in this second half. Butler can get into the lane when they try. They’ve just settled for more outside shots than usual. Right now they’re 3-19. Props to Rakeem Buckles for his double-double (10/10).

10:09 PM — Internet here’s doing funny things. But we’ll see how far we can go without another interruption. Only one this year (so far!) which was earlier in this game, and it was for about 20 minutes. Hope it stays up. Meanwhile, that doesn’t look like a cramp on Preston Knowles’s lower leg. That’d be a strange place for a cramp unless it’s the worst shin splint in the world. Butler’s fought back to within 11 but the clock is starting to smirk at them.

10:13 PM — To be sure, it doesn’t do Butler much good to keep getting Matt Howard to the line if he’s going to miss free throws. I think you’ve got to let Mack handle it and act as first shooting option if he’s out there.

10:19 PM — That trey by Buckles may have done it. If taht stays out and Butler scores, it’s 9 with 2:30 or so left. Instead, it’s a 14-point margin with the same amount of time. But realistically, Butler was not going to stay in this late without Shelvin Mack on the floor. Buckles had some serious stones to take that.

Louisville knocks off No. 16 Butler
Early Season Tournament Preview: Ranking the top 10 events--Ballin' is a Habit

5. Diamond Head Classic


Favorite: Baylor

As much as I want to show Butler the love here, Baylor has to be considered the favorite. They are a favorite to win the Big XII when they are at full strength, and by the time December rolls around, LaceDarius Dunn will be back in uniform.
Sleeper: Washington State

The Cougars had a bit of a disappointing season in '09-'10, especially after the good start they had. And while they are predicted to once again finish in the middle of a mediocre Pac-10, the thing to remember with this team is that they have as good of a 1-2-3 as anyone. Reggie Moore should be primed for a big sophomore season, DeAngelo Casto is underrated as a big body inside, and Klay Thompson might be the best scorer on the west coast.

Why you should watch: Like the Puerto Rico tip-off, this tournament is wide-open and chock full of terrific games. If Butler and Florida State both advance, which they should, that will be one of the better games of Feast Week. Both will are tough, physical defensive teams that will be looking to find additional scoring options. They also happen to feature two of the best players in the country in Shelvin Mack and Chris Singleton. On the other side of the bracket, the potential Wazzu-Baylor matchup looks enticing as well, and yes, the conference expansion undertones play a part in that.

Also of note is the individual talent in this tournament. Singleton should be a lottery pick. Mack, Dunn, and Thompson all could be all-americans. Perry Jones is one of the best freshman in the country.

BIAH Prediction: Butler takes out Washington State for the championship.

Tip-Off Marathon: The Recap--Ballin' is a Habit

Louisville runs; Butler struggles: The Cardinals really looked terrific at times last night against Butler. As we should be used to by now with Ric Pitino's team, the Cardinals have a ton of athletes, a bunch of kids that can shoot, and a number of big bodies inside. If you aren't ready to handle the press that they bring, you will get run out of the gym. Like Butler did. And to think, they smacked Butler last night and Jared Swopshire wasn't even in the lineup.

As far as Butler goes, I think they will be ok. I think, more than anything, they walked into a buzzsaw last night. With everything that happened to Louisville during the offseason combined with a primetime game on ESPN for the opening of their new arena turned this into a massacre waiting to happen. Louisville is better than we all thought, and Butler probably isn't a top 20 team right now, but neither extreme is what either team is going to be. Remember, people dropped the Bulldogs early last season as well.

Utah Jazz notebook: Gordon Hayward debuts in starting lineup--Deseret News
Utah Jazz: Nets improved, but Jazz still better--Deseret News

As for the Jazz, they were so balanced they even got two points apiece from all five bench players who saw action.

Two of those points, by the way, were not like the others. Rookie Gordon Hayward, who came off the bench after getting his first start Monday, showed off his hops by exploding for a breakaway dunk after a steal late in the third quarter.

"It was nice," Williams said.

Hayward’s starting opportunity might continue--Salt Lake Tribune
Jazz fight back again, but Thunder are too much--Salt Lake Tribune

OKC was also aided by the fact that Utah starting shooting guard Raja Bell (left abductor strain) spent the game in street clothes. Rookie forward Gordon Hayward made his first career start, filling in for Bell at shooting guard. The ninth overall pick of the 2010 NBA Draft finished with four points and two assists in 22:15.

Hayward was serviceable in Utah’s offensive system. But where the Jazz truly missed Bell — a veteran leader whose defensive prowess precedes him — was on the other end of the court.

Sloan refused to factor in Bell’s absence, though.

“I can’t play that way,” Sloan said. “I’ve got to play whoever’s there, and hopefully they play well, and I thought they did.”

Hayward to keep starting?--Salt Lake Tribune
Louisville Wins Sloppy Game 88-73 Over Butler--SB Nation
Boom! Cards Open New Arena With Beat Down Of Bulldogs--Card Chronicle
March magic gone: Louisville makes Butler look ordinary in new home--Sporting News
Mark Story: Mack makes his mark--Lexington Herald-Leader
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Men’s basketball defeats Marian 83-54 in season opener--Butler Collegian
No Comeback Kids: points from Mack, Howard not enough to lift Bulldogs to win--Butler Collegian
Men’s basketball lands four recruits, misses Zeller--Butler Collegian
Butler Faces Louisville In New KFC Yum!
LIVE BLOG: Men's Basketball at
Siena Game To Be Televised On WNDY
Bulldogs Fall At Louisville,

Bulldogs Host Saint Louis In Home
Bowen Leads Bulldogs Past Saint

Cleveland State women's basketball preview: Sophomore Winton a key to CSU's success--Cleveland Plain Dealer
Adams Scores 23 Points in 78-69 Win at
VIDEO: Kate Peterson Abiad Media

Cleveland State coasts to fourth straight men's basketball victory, 83-49, over Div. II Urbana--Cleveland Plain Dealer
Men's Basketball Rolls on Opening Weekend--The Cauldron
Viking Basketball Closes World Vision Classic Against

47-Point Second Half Gets Vikes Past Urbana, 83-49
INSTANT CLASSIC: Replay of Cleveland State's Victory Over Kent
VIDEO: Gary Waters Media
Unbeaten CSU Heads to

RTC Live: Detroit @ Syracuse--Rush The Court
College Basketball Stuff You Probably Missed: The Opening Weekend--Blogging The Bracket

McDonald's All-American Ray McCallum made his debut for his father's team, Detroit, at New Mexico. His individual line wasn't very good (2-7 FG, 2-5 FT, 4 AST, 4 TO, 6 PTS, 4 REB), and his team didn't win either. The Lobos prevailed, 63-54. In the other significant debut in that contest, Emmanuel Negedu, who left Tennessee after some medical issues, scored 8 points and grabbed 6 boards in his Lobo debut.

Marquee Match Up--Raptors HQ
Syracuse 66 - Detroit 55: Uh, Happy Birthday Jim?--Nunes Magician
Titans fall to No. 10 Orange in Legends Classic--The Detroit Free Press
Detroit Mercy appears in women's Mid-Major Top 25 basketball poll--The Oakland Press
Syracuse Up Next for
Detroit Falls at No. 10 Syracuse,

Detroit Readies For Ball
Career Highs By Fambro, Thornton Help Titans Thump Ball
Titans Appear In Women's Mid-Major

This week's Chicago college basketball

Monday - There is just one Chicago game as UIC welcomes Roosevelt to the Pavilion. The game is on Horizon League Network. This should be Howard Moore's first victory as a head coach. Another game of interest on Monday might be Minnesota vs. Siena as the Golden Gophers will probably be battling Northwestern for a bubble spot come Selection Sunday.

Friday - Northwestern will finally play its home opener as the Wildcats take on Arkansas-Pine Bluff. It's a good time to exercise some Northwestern pride while warming up your lungs for the Wrigley Field game on Saturday. UIC goes to Toledo and the Rockets are pretty bad, so it could be a chance for the Flames to move to above .500 on the season.

Sunday - UIC finishes its very busy weekend with a game against Rhode Island in Toledo. It's the only game on the slate for the day and it gets us primed for the long Thanksgiving weekend which will only be four days away at that point.

Not much to say about UIC last
COLLEGE BASKETBALL | UIC 94, ROOSEVELT 54: Flames cruise in Moore's home debut--The Chicago Sun-Times
Flames chow down on home cooking--Whoosh!Net
Flames Roll Past Roosevelt,
The Howard Moore Podcast: Episode

Catch up on recent Flames action--UIC Chicago Flame

Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball played their final exhibition game before regular season play kicks off on November 12. The Flames topped the Davenport Panthers on November 8 at the Pavilion with a final score of 96-68.

The Flames claimed an early lead, significantly outscoring Davenport in the first half 52-29. UIC would continue their aggressive play and post up 44 more points in the second half. Five Flames contributed more than 10 points each. Jasmine Bailey had a double-double on the night, producing 12 points and 11 total rebounds for UIC. Shameia Green came in from the bench and played very well, the redshirt junior led the team in points with 21 including one 3-pointer. Green also contributed 5 rebounds and 2 steals. Briana Hinkle had a noteworthy performance racking up 18 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals.

Women's Basketball Falls At Home To Oakland,
Women's Basketball Hosts BYU
Women's Basketball Knocks Off BYU,

This week's Chicago college basketball

Wednesday - Chicago State plays at Notre Dame in one of two Great West games featuring a Chicago area school. The other is Northwestern at Texas-Pan American, considering how Loyola handled the Broncs, this shouldn't be too tough for the Wildcats, even on the road.

Thursday - Eastern Illinois come to the Gentile Center to take on Loyola as the Ramblers try to move to 4-0. You can catch me at this one and hopefully they'll be a photo-gallery after the game. Illinois plays Texas that night in a semifinal for the 2K Sports Coaches vs. Cancer Classic from Madison Square Garden. It's a battle of two Top 25 teams and it's on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. The other semifinal in that tournament is Pittsburgh vs. Maryland, which starts at 6 p.m.

Kladis tournament easy pickings--Loyola Phoenix
Ramblers gone globe-trottin’--Loyola Phoenix
Ramblers Wrap Up Season-Opening Homestand, Host Eastern Illinois

Ramblers lose road opener to EMU--Loyola Phoenix
Loyola Battles Western Michigan in Home Opener--Loyola Phoenix
Boeke, Albano Push Loyola Past Western Michigan, 67-62 (OT)--Loyola Phoenix

College Basketball Viewer's Guide For November 17--Blogging The Bracket

Green Bay at Marquette (CBE Classic), 9 p.m. ET (Big East Network/TWC Sports 32/SNY/MASN/ESPN3): The Golden Eagles got a battle from Bucknell on Sunday, so they'll hope to have an easier time against the Phoenix in their final "regional" game before facing Duke in Kansas City on Monday.

Men's basketball: UWGB, Marquette share quick tempo--Green Bay Press Gazette
UWGB freshman Turner cleared to play--UWGB Basketball
UWGB close on another Chicago recruit UPDATED--UWGB Basketball
Game #2: Marquette 89, UWGB 69, FINAL--UWGB Basketball
Phoenix men win season opener--UWGB Fourth Estate
Green Bay to Play at Marquette Wednesday
Green Bay Drops CBE Classic Opener at Marquette

Women's basketball: Beating Badgers gave Phoenix spark last season--Green Bay Press Gazette
Ritchie Receives Player of the Week
Women's Basketball Tops Mid-Major
In-State Rivals Battle to Remain

UWM women roll in second half--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Shaq, who’s in your ear?--PantherU
Fighting jet lag: Game 4 vs. Niagara--PantherU
After Turbulent Start, Panthers Secure Victory #1--Milwaukee Panther Tracks
Pounce Bounces Back to .500, Panthers def. Niagara 90-73--Milwaukee Panther Tracks
Live Men's Basketball Blog - Milwaukee @ Niagara--Panther Blog Zone
Postgame Extra – Milwaukee at Niagara--Panther Blog Zone
Panthers Continue Extended Road Trip With Wednesday Contest At
Boyle, Meier Spark Panthers To Journey-Ending Win At

Boyle, big second half propel Panthers--Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Live Blog: Milwaukee @ Chicago State--Panther Blog Zone
Post-Game Wrap-Up: Milwaukee @ Chicago State--Panther Blog Zone
Panthers Hit The Road To Take On Chicago State Tuesday--Panther Blog Zone
Lindfors Leads Panthers Past Chicago State, 82-69--Panther Blog Zone

After the Buzzer--Rush The Court

Double Your Morris Trouble. The Kansas twins Marcus and Markieff Morris both had dub-dubs tonight — Marcus went for 22/11 while his brother dropped 12/13 in an easy win over Valparaiso. The win was also KU’s 61st consecutive home victory, one short of its all-time record. Watch out, North Texas (Friday night’s opponent).

Around the Top 25: The return of the morning-after evaluation here at CHJ--College Hoops Journal

No. 7 Kansas 67, Valparaiso 42. Last season, I went on a writing-about-Kansas drought in this column until the team made things interesting for me. I won’t be so harsh on the ‘Hawks this time around, but keeping opponents in the 40s doesn’t leave much room for chatter. Needless to say (though I guess I’m about to say it), Josh Selby isn’t missed yet.

Four Big 12 Teams Take The Court Tonight--Big XII Hoops

Valparaiso Crusaders at Kansas Jayhawks - Kansas is coming off a dominating performance in the first game of the season and there is no reason to expect anything less tonight. Expect twins Marcus and Markieff Morris to try and equal their combined 32 point, 17 rebound, 5 assist, 4 block performance Friday evening vs Longwood. If the Morris twins stumble, KU fans shouldn't worry as Tyshawn Taylor, Tyrel Reed and Thomas Robinson all poured in double digits in Friday's W.

Four More Big 12 Games, Four More Big 12 Victories--Big XII Hoops

Kansas Jayhawks 79
Valparaiso Crusaders 44

The Jayhawks had no trouble dismantling Valparaiso in their second game of the season. Three Jayhawks scored in double figures, led my Marcus Morris' 22.

KU Hoops Plus/Minus--Rock Chalk Talk

Kansas +66 and Valpo ended up -10...shoot 17 for 62 and miss 8 free throws and you've had a very poor game. The +66 isn't the 94 from game one but this game had 11 fewer possessions and the Jayhawks didn't shoot quite as well.

VU 2 of 19 from 3-point range in loss to Kansas--The Post-Tribune
Before Monday, VU hung with ranked teams--The Post-Tribune
Injuires slow VU's frontcourt tandem--The Post-Tribune
Valparaiso at No. 7 Kansas, Nov. 15, 2010: Live Blog--Off The Mark
Cold shooting leads to Valparaiso blowout--The NWI Times
Ailing VU senior Cory Johnson will not play tonight against PNC--The NWI Times
Valpo MBB: Wrapping up Kansas--Region Sports Extra
Crusaders Fall at #7/6 Kansas Monday
Valpo Returns Home; Faces PNC

Valpo Set to Face Austin Peay in WNIT

WSU opponent trying to build with new coach--Dayton Daily News
Preview: Northwood at Wright State--Dayton Daily News
Three Raider recruits ready for college game--Dayton Daily News
Darling solid on boards for WSU--Dayton Daily News
3 recruits sign with WSU basketball in early period--Wright State University Sports
Injured WSU starter still not practicing heading into home opener--Wright State University Sports
WSU b-ball fans trip to Chicago slated for Jan. 6--Fairborn Daily Herald
WSU men sign three in early period--Fairborn Daily Herald
Raiders Sign Three in Early

Men and Women add to their rosters in early signing

WSU women’s basketball signs recruits--Dayton Daily News
6-6, 6-5 centers part of WSU women’s basketball recruiting class--Wright State University Sports

Tonight's MACness (Hoops): A Duke Approacheth--Hustle Belt

7 p.m. — Buffalo at Youngstown State

Throw the preview out the window, because here's what's important: you ain't gonna find a better mascot than a school in Ohio who dares to call themselves the Penguins. You know ... because of Youngstown's prolific penguin population. Their newspaper is also called the Vindicator. Lord, Y'town is fantastic at naming things. If you're unsure what to call your firstborn, just ask a Youngstonian. They'll set you right.

Previous Evening MAC Review: 24 Hours Of This Will Make Anyone Cranky--Hustle Belt

Youngstown State 64, Buffalo 53 — The 10-2 start was promising as it looked like UB was going to treat Penguins like they do naval cadets. But as you've heard from Morgan Freeman, penguins are a resilient, family-oriented species. They used a 17-0 run to flip the game back into their hands and, despite the Blue Bulls' best efforts, never relented the lead. The losing effort was accented by 13 points each from Dave Barnett and Jawaan Alston, the latter of whom also snatched eight rebounds. Byron Mulkey was the facilitator, stealing six balls and doling out five assists. Unvindicated. Buffalo's next game: Saturday, 11/20 vs. Towson

Penguins prevail--Mahoning Valley Tribune Chronicle
Ward Scores 13, Guins Late Run Knocks Off

Women's Basketball Travels to Bowling Green for Wednesday

Youngstown State Lone Victor on Tuesday Night--Horizon League Network
Pre-Game Observations--Horizon League Network
Butler at Louisville--Horizon League Network
Mack Named to Naismith Award Watch List--Horizon League Network
Raiders, Panthers Collect Victories on Wednesday Evening--Horizon League Network

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