Saturday, January 5, 2008


A few more eyebrow raisers in the second half: Huff got all ball on play but was called for the foul.

Butler missing chances to put us away.

There was a mugging in the second half that also went unpunished: Loyd gets mugged and what the Butler faithful complain about is the timeout awarded to Valpo. Welcome to the HL, Valpo.

With 2:17 to go, the first charge called - on Huff. On the other end Howard deserved the same call but didn't get it.

Actually there were one or two others that seemed wrong, plus at least one that benefited Valpo.

It may not have balanced out, but it was hardly the most unbalanced officiating performance I've seen. It was not why Valpo lost.

Even as Butler finally began putting the game away, the pesky Crusaders kept threatening to make a game of it, closing to within 5 at one point. WXNT's postgame told the difference: too many missed FT's by Valpo. End of story.

All in all a very exciting game.

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