Monday, June 19, 2017

News On The Horizon 6/19/2017

Here are all the mid-major alumni playing in The Basketball Tournament--Mid-Major Madness
Banner Boys (UW Milwaukee alumni):

Edward McCants (UW Milwaukee)
Jordan Aaron (UW Milwaukee)
Ronald Davis (UW Milwaukee)
Anthony Hill (UW Milwaukee)
Myles McKay (UW Milwaukee/UW Whitewater)
Dylan Page (UW Milwaukee)
Matthew Tiby (UW Milwaukee)
Joah Tucker (UW Milwaukee)
Clay Tucker (UW Milwaukee)
Cody Wichmann (UW Milwaukee)
Kaylon Williams (UW Milwaukee)

Canton Bulldogs:

Todd Brown (Wright State)
Fort Wayne Champs:
Ron Howard (Valparaiso)
Majerus SLU Crew (Saint Louis alumni):
Vashil Fernandez (Valparaiso)
Peoria Allstars:
DeAaron Williams (Wisconsin/Northern Kentucky)
Detroit Mercy's Kam Chatman appreciates tough love from coaching dad--Detroit Free Press
Oakland hoops to face Kansas, Syracuse, EMU twice in non-conference--Detroit Free Press
Pat Baldwin rumored to be front-runner--PantherU

Bre Cera Transfers To
Mid-Major Madness Twitter mailbag: NBA Draft edition--Mid-Major Madness

Alec Peters would be a great fit on the Bulls, and I actually had him going there in our first mock draft. He’s an interesting case because he hasn’t really been able to do too much in terms of workouts because of his foot injury. Trying to project the second round of the draft is such a crapshoot, but I think we’ll see Peters go anywhere between picks 35-45. I’d love for him to land on the Rockets so that he could just go out and bomb threes.
Women's Basketball Announces Addition of Josie Fisher to

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