Thursday, May 2, 2013

News On The Horizon 5/2/2013

Jackson to participate in Knicks, Heat Summer Camps--Cleveland State Hoops
Cleveland State to play in Keightley Classic--Cleveland State Hoops

2013 NBA Draft: Looking at the Mid-Major Early Entries--Mid-Major Madness
2. Ray McCallum, Detroit: McCallum seems to have made the right decision, even though he looks like a second-round pick. The Titan program has a lot of issues buzzing around related to the alleged affair between an assistant coach and the former AD, and how it may have affected the job status of another assistant coach. Now Ray still has his father as his head coach and Big Ray isn't going anywhere, not if Detroit keeps competing for Horizon League titles. But a Player of the Year win for the point guard, and his apparent erasure of many of the knocks against him other than height -- he was noticeably stronger this season and his ability to control the game much improved -- should help push him up a number of boards. The Titans will also not be the team they were this season with the loss of its strong frontcourt. All around, this is a good move.

Cordero Barkley Speaks Out About Coach Wardle's Investigation--NBC26

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