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News On The Horizon 4/19/2013

April 8, 2013

ATLANTA, GA -- The 2013 Mid-Major Freshmen All-America team was announced. Rather selecting a first, second, third team and honorable mentions; the Mid-Major Freshmen All-America squad is just one team.
Bryn Forbes 6-3 Cleveland State
Jordan Fouse 6-7 Green Bay
Which schools lie the most about player's heights?--Run The Floor
But the Portsmouth Invitational (PIT) just happened, which is an event where college seniors get to work out and play games in front of NBA scouts. And NBA scouts aren't interested in accounting shenanigans, they want to understand their product. So they measure players in bare feet.

I took these measurements and compared them to what each player's school had them listed. We can assume that anyone with a discrepancy around an inch was still an honest measurement by the college, but it just included shoes. An inch and a half starts to get stretchy. At three inches, we're pretty much in wtf territory.

Here is the complete chart, and if you're unfamiliar with some of the players they are listed below according to their school.
player college
Nick Minnerath Detroit (+2.50)
Ryan Broekhoff Valparaiso (+1.50)
One of the first things that jumps out is the block of three at the top. Illinois State, Kent State and VMI all had players listed three inches taller than they actually are. Last year at the PIT the biggest exaggeration was 2.5 inches. This year there were four players which exceeded that.

Just below those four you'll find Detroit's Nick Minnerath (+2.25 inches). At last year's PIT, his teammate Eli Holman was listed at +2.50, which was the biggest discrepancy of the year. Clearly, Detroit needs a new measuring tape.

Forbes Named to Mid-Major Freshman All-America

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Loyola Of Chicago Moving To The MVC--Campus Insiders

Coaching controversy embroils ex-suburban star--Daily Herald
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