Thursday, January 6, 2011

News On The Horizon 1/6/2011

RTC’s Top 10 Moments of 2010--Rush The Court

#1. As If You Didn’t Know What #1 Would Be: Gordon Hayward‘s half-court heave that almost won a national championship has been romanticized and rhapsodied to such a degree over the last nine months that, a few years from now, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone tell us a version in which the thing actually goes in. It doesn’t matter, though, whether Hayward’s shot was launched from just behind the three point line or from half court. What matters is that there was a shot. For all of this to happen, a few things were needed. In this case, it took a coach whose youthful visage (and dancing ability) and homespun elegance cause(d) everyone to label him as the Next Big Thing, while his actual knowledge of the game and artful coaching tell us that he’s a Current Big Thing. It took a freckle-faced kid who looks like he should be worried about completing his paper route or hanging out with Linus and Snoopy, not taking you to the hole or banging fade-aways over you with apparent nonchalance — and certainly not winning national championships. Most of all, it took a group of role players and “secondary” recruits who believed in their coach and his system and willingly forgot themselves in order to make it work. Forget that the most famous missed shot in the history of Our Game did not go in. That Butler even had a shot in the air to win a national title shows us all again that somewhere inside this sport, that answer exists — that combination, that solution, that formula which, when it is realized, can overcome any opponent, no matter how big they are or how small you are. The shot represents the best and biggest thing that the NCAA Tournament is all about, the reason that people who don’t watch another college basketball game all year are transfixed during the Tournament — hope.

Utah Jazz: Hawks swoop down and embarrass Jazz--Deseret News

At least fans got free tacos from the promotion that awards attendees fast food anytime Utah blocks six shots at home.

The Jazz rejected nine Atlanta attempts, including a particularly sweet swat by Gordon Hayward, who slapped away Jamal Crawford's layup try from behind in the first half.

Jazz notes--Salt Lake Tribune

Gordon Hayward became the odd man out in Sloan’s rotation with the return of Miles. He played just six minutes against Detroit, when he had previously been seeing extended time when the Jazz were short-handed.

Kragthorpe: Jazz can’t be taken seriously after latest debacle--Salt Lake Tribune

The only redeeming moment of the opening half came when rookie Gordon Hayward scrambled back to block Jamal Crawford’s breakaway layup, with the Jazz trailing by 14 points. Hayward followed with a jump shot on the Jazz’s next possession, but his effort was not contagious.

Take Two: Butler vs. Valpo, Milwaukee--Victory Firelight

Gary Waters Earns Midseason Hugh Durham Award--Let's Go Vikes!

Titan Basketball Fans Invited To Enjoy "Coneys with Coach McCallum"
First League Road Test

Scouting: Wright State at UIC--Daily Herald

UWGB women's basketball preview--Green Bay Press Gazette

By the numbers--UWM Post

Horizon League gets a depth charge--The Post-Tribune

Women's basketball: VU (3-10, 0-1) at Detroit (7-6, 1-1)--The Post-Tribune

Chances for Early Statements Throughout Weekend--Horizon League Network

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