Wednesday, July 28, 2010

News On The Horizon 7/28/2010

UIC Places 43 Student-Athletes On 2010 Horizon League Spring Academic Honor

Banner Boys Charity game on August 6th--PantherU
Panthers Say Thank You After Successful Golf

Self, Calipari, Boeheim, Barnes and others scout next season--Sports Illustrated

Homer Drew, Valparaiso

This is one coach I spoke with whom I didn't pepper with questions about his team. I was more curious as to why Drew, who will turn 66 in September and is about to begin his 42nd year in coaching, is still spending his summer chasing high school kids around the country. "I really don't enjoy this aspect of the job, to be honest," Drew told me. "You're away from home, you watch so many games, you've done it for 40 years. I tell [my son and assistant coach] Bryce, 'Just get me to the parents.' "

Still, it is always inspirational, not to mention great fun, to spend time visiting with Homer Drew. He is funny and pleasant and exudes such a genuine joie de vivre. Despite his distaste for recruiting (and he's hardly alone among his peers in that regard), he still loves his work and has no plans to retire soon. "I'm still a kid at heart. I enjoy the teaching part of it," he said. "One nice thing about it is, young people keep you young."

My advice to all Hoop Thinkers is to take some time if you get a chance to chat with Homer Drew about everything and nothing. And if you ever spot him in a Las Vegas casino, shake his hand right before you play craps. Trust me on that one.

Horizon League Announces 2010 Spring Academic Honor Roll--Horizon League Network

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