Monday, June 28, 2010

News On The Horizon 6/28/2010

The BIAH NBA Draft Diary--Ballin' is a Habit

9. Utah Jazz – Gordon Hayward, Butler So. SF

Loving that the Jazz went back to the musical note logo! They should go one step forward and not allow shorts to reach within 4 inches of the knee cap. Furthermore, Mark Eaton, Jeff Hornacek and John Stockton should all be hired as the halftime trampoline act for all games in the Delta Center Energy Solutions Arena.

The Jazz acquired this pick along with one of three all-time “Tall White Lottery Pick” All-Stars, Tom Gugliotta, so how fitting that they use it to select the first Caucasion of the night. (Unfortunately, Hayward will not count toward future TWLP stats because he’s not a Power Forward or Center. He would, however, have helped defend my thesis since there is not a chance this kid succeeds in the NBA. That’s exactly what you want from your small forward, right? An unathletic kid that can’t shoot 3’s. This future Mormon will average more wives per season in Utah then he does minutes.)

Meanwhile, Larry Bird is going crazy in the Indiana Pacers war room. “Hayward’s gone? What other white people can we get to join Hansbrough, McRoberts, Foster, Dunleavy and Murphy? Who’s his teammate? Can we draft Matt Howard? Is Luke Harangody on the board? What do we do?”

Grading the NBA draft--Ball Don't Lie

Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward(notes), Jeremy Evans(notes)

Hayward, at this point, is a scorer and not a shooter, and scorers need the ball and space. He won't get that in Utah, and while I'm hating myself for comparing him to another white dude, this could be an Austin Croshere(notes) situation. If Hayward is given chances, he could pull it off. If he's an afterthought in the offense, he could turn out like Croshere, who could have been better had he'd been given shots.

Grade: C

Proposed nicknames for all 60 2010 NBA draftees--Ball Don't Lie

9. Gordon "Iron Head" Hayward

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