Saturday, April 10, 2010

News On The Horizon 4/10/2010

Quick Hitters – April 8, 2010--Hoopville
Stevens exhales after title
Weekly Top Five--The Big Lead

2. Duke
CRM – I’m not giving them credit. Sorry. Call me bitter or jealous or stupid. I don’t care. I just don’t think the refs swallow their whistles if Butler is the one with the offensive goal tend. What exactly were the referees looking at? Maybe they were just getting ready for the next game changing call in Duke’s favor.

TSH – To add to what Cousin Ron said, the fact that Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg gushed over such an obvious goaltend just about sums up how insufferable a Duke slurpjob can be. On a vastly different note, I anxiously await the arrival of the Bill Raftery soundboard. Until then, “to the basket!” all day long.
4. Brad Stevens and Butler
TSH – Interesting tidbit: Brad Stevens is a college basketball coach who looks young.

CRM – To quote Arrested Development – “Well yeah, you’ve gotta lock that down.”

There's one question put to rest for Bulldogs--The Indy Star

Are there limits? Apparently not
--Indy Star Butler Insider
Coach Stevens Press

Klein Named to Division I-AAA Scholar-Athlete

UWGB women's basketball wrap-up: Expectations will only rise after historic season--Green Bay Press Gazette
UWGB men's basketball coaching search: Finalist Gard has 'put his time in'--Green Bay Press Gazette

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